My Top 10 Favourite JRPG Boss Battle Themes

Because, like last time, I simply felt like it.

Just like with the normal battle themes, I’m restricting myself to one song per series to avoid flooding the list with different entries from one series, or even one game. I’m also not including final bosses for obvious reasons.

It was actually quite tough to come up with 10 for this list with how many entire series have nothing but bad boss songs, but I did manage eventually, so let’s see what I have here… Continue reading

My Top 10 Favourite JRPG Normal Battle Themes

I just randomly felt like it, so I made a list of my favourite JRPG normal battle themes. Mainly because I was just thinking about how most JRPGs tend to have that song play a huge role in one’s first impression of a game. So… here you go, I suppose. Before I do, though, some restrictions on the list:

  1. Only one song per series. This includes cases where a game is officially part of a series but doesn’t have the name of the series in its title (Mana Khemia is officially the ninth Atelier game and thus counts as an Atelier entry, for example, but Bravely Default doesn’t count as a Final Fantasy entry, despite the jokes about it being the best Final Fantasy in years).
  2. I’m only counting the first normal battle theme in the case of games with multiple. Some games will pick a normal battle theme depending on the exact situation, however, so those will share a slot. (NOTE: This does not include when the requisite situation is “travel to another part of the world”, since those songs would be the second, third, fourth, etc.) Prologues are also excluded from this (such as Tales of Graces‘ lengthy one with the cast as kids).

Okay, so here we go! I’ll keep my explanations as brief as possible. Continue reading

Rundown the Street (03/03/13)

RTS LogoThis week had way too much bombshell news, and I’ve forgotten a lot of it because I didn’t note most of it down. As such, this week’s post will be just a quick and short summation of things I do remember. My apologies – I’ll note this stuff down in the future.

Skullgirls Devs Run IndieGoGo Campaign for DLC Characters

Skullgirls Screenshot

The current development team working on Skullgirls recently started an IndieGoGo campaign where they asked for $150K to add a new character to the game. They were extremely transparent about the costs, and the fanbase rallied behind them to barrel them past their goal in a matter of one or two days. The team has since added stretch goals, which will add more characters. Also in the news: New anime streaming platform. Should Asagi get her own game? Activision bashes Nintendo fans.

Visual Aesthetics and How They Affect My Media Preferences

I had a discussion very, very recently with Josh (the concept artist for Turtles all the Way, if you’ve forgotten), and it was concerning visual styles and design. He was basically having trouble figuring out what art style to use for the game. I’ll keep mum about what I told him to go with, but I figure that it’s a perfect segway into a topic I’d meant to talk about for quite a while now, which applies to me for any piece of visual fiction, but I’ll use games as an example.

I’ve found that I’m able to enjoy just about any piece of fiction that I normally wouldn’t even glance at, solely due to the aesthetics of the world it takes place in. For example, I can instantly enjoy anything with a beautiful, natural landscape more than anything with a dark, more realistic style. I also enjoy seeing nice and bright futuristic settings much more than the standard game representations of volcanoes. Discussion after the jump.

Originality all the Way

This week’s Under Your Radar has been delayed to next week due to simply not being in the mood for it. I was also working on a YouTube video, but I appear to have caught a cold, so ‘ll have to wait on that.

Instead, I want to think aloud about something about Turtles all the Way that’s been bothering me. I believe I’ve said in the past that the only somewhat unique thing about it is the Sync mechanic. I was wondering whether or not that’s actually the case, as it makes sense to think about such a possibility when the coding’s gotten as far as it has. I mean, the story and characters are most certainly original (though perhaps not in a good way), but what of the gameplay? Continue reading

You See, A Lot of Things Happened…

A lot of stuff has happened. I simply don’t post about it as often.

I’ve been making loads upon loads of progress on many fronts, including whittling down my enormous backlog list of anime and manga, and working on my novel, as well as Turtles all the Way and playing a few games I’d not yet gotten to finishing.

But, before I get into that, I may as well acknowledge that I’ve seen both the updates on the Ouya and the announcement of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The thing is that the Ouya has slowly become less and less attractive over time – I’d rather take my chances with Nintendo or Sony if they’re going to be that open (will still most likely port to it, if it doesn’t cost me too much and there’s a market). As for the Rift, in my honest opinion, it needs accurate motion control to go with it, or that immersion it gives you will come at the cost of not being able to control most things all that well, or will need the immersion-breaking use of a controller. I know controllers can sometimes not be immersion breaking, as can any control method, but virtual reality outright demands a better immersion standard due to the point of virtual reality being that you are the character.

Still, with both of these coming out at the same time, I am now eliminating the Ouya section. It and the Rift will be placed under “Other Systems” until they prove their worth. Continue reading

Free to Play all the Way

I’ve used the first irrelevant fish image too much lately, so here’s the other irrelevant fish image for once in a long time to spice things up.

In light of the Ouya, and how it has exceeded $3.6 million in pledges, I feel the need to say something about it and its free to play model. While I may be yelling into a vacuum here, there are many ways that console-level games can adapt to free to play and/or improve the concept of “demos” in a way that benefits any consumer who’s sceptic about the titles one has available. It has been used before, but I’m rather disappointed that it isn’t done more often.

As such, I want to detail how just one of those strategies, which I intend to at least attempt to implement, will work for Turtles all the Way. This, and all future posts on the game project, will assume you’ve read the wall of text. Continue reading


A new game system is incoming. This time, its main pull isn’t big AAA support or cutting-edge graphics. It’s openness.

Yes, I’m referring to the Ouya (pronounced like “boo-yah” without the B). It’s apparently a game system running on Android, with specs that place it as likely to be weaker than its competitors in the eighth generation game industry (but stronger than the Wii), and will cost a mere $99. It will render at up to 1080p with its HDMI output and come with a devkit. The sole stipulation to getting a game onto the system (aside from potential quality standards) is that every game must offer some elements of being free to play, be it being freemium or simply having a free demo. Continue reading

Why Most RPG Writers Need A Lesson In Writing

Well, it seems that I’ve not posted in ages. Not a good thing at all.

Fun as it may be, it’s a massive time sink. I would have picked a different art style for the cover, though.

But I don’t have much to say. I mean, honestly… I’m in Canada, so I don’t get Toonami, and there’s been very little to talk about lately, aside from some more Neptunia stuff, but I don’t think very many people care about those, so I’m not gonna be posting them anymore unless there’s something particularly interesting. I’ve been spending most of my time sleeping, coding, watching anime, or playing Tales of Graces ƒ.

However, I suppose I may as well use this as a chance to rant about something. Ironically, Tales of Graces handles this slightly better than most, but it’s still not perfect. Continue reading