Love Rank

Love♥Rank: The “Oh Gawd, Too Many People Are Fighting and I Can’t Tell What’s Going on” RPG is my current indie game project. It is to be an RPG where the entire party takes part. Two parties of eight characters are planned for two simultaneous stories whose gameplay are directly affected by player action in the other story.

The gameplay’s basically a huge mixture of several of my favourite JRPGs. Characters move around a map to perform attacks, can support each other by taking a hit on their ally’s behalf if they’re in range, and use a variety of time-based and positioning-based attacks along with highly-customizable items to do battle.

Each player character is to have 8 special moves. 113 items with 43 customizable traits are planned.

Emphasis in the design is placed on fixing most of the problems found in RPG design. As such, even basic things (like enemies dropping money when defeated) are being approached in an unusual way. Dungeon and town design is being distilled to only what is necessary. The combat system deliberately removes all luck except in special cases. Due to my vast RPG experience, such design flaws are being taken very seriously.

As the game is an RPG, there’s obviously a lot more to this, but this blog will be chronicling my work on it. It has its own category, as a result.