Will Ash Win the Kalos Pokemon League?

Before I begin, I feel the need to warn that there are spoilers ahead for the Pokémon anime, up until the current episodes of XY&Z, in addition to previews for the next few episodes. I also mention some revealed info about Sun and Moon at the very end (but I’ve marked this). If that doesn’t bother you, proceed. Continue reading


The Song Which Was Epic

Yesterday, I was presented with a new song from our team musician Anthony Trujillo, or, as he prefers to be credited as, Atman Seijo (his pseudonym).

Cropped Atman Logo
Check out his stuff if you haven’t already. The image is a link.

It was the first piece of boss battle music for the game, for the fight against Tikk Tocc, the final boss of Magnet’s route. The song is very tense and befitting of the fight itself, but he did something with it that he hadn’t done prior to then, but I had been expecting for a while. That is, giving the song a lead-in. Prior to that one, all of his songs for the game were short, self-enclosed loops.

After making two sandwiches (one of which met a premature end as the plate fell off my desk), I immediately went to mess around in the game’s code to make the lead-in seamless. It took around two hours. Why so long? Well, simple. Continue reading

The Monotony That Was Quashed

The Turtle Who Had Wings Logo (Placeholder)

Something I’ve been worrying about for a long time when developing The Turtle Who Had Wings was the potential for the game to become monotonous after a while. While I had things like the game’s fast-paced nature, the 6 playable characters and the variety in enemy types, plus one level has its own exclusive hazard, but that’s not necessarily going to be enough to support a game of even this length when you factor in that the character progression is merely raw stats, and is rather slow to max out and see huge stat changes, so there’s little in the way of character progression. So how do I avoid this? I have an idea…

Rundown the Street (03/03/13)

RTS LogoThis week had way too much bombshell news, and I’ve forgotten a lot of it because I didn’t note most of it down. As such, this week’s post will be just a quick and short summation of things I do remember. My apologies – I’ll note this stuff down in the future.

Skullgirls Devs Run IndieGoGo Campaign for DLC Characters

Skullgirls Screenshot

The current development team working on Skullgirls recently started an IndieGoGo campaign where they asked for $150K to add a new character to the game. They were extremely transparent about the costs, and the fanbase rallied behind them to barrel them past their goal in a matter of one or two days. The team has since added stretch goals, which will add more characters. Also in the news: New anime streaming platform. Should Asagi get her own game? Activision bashes Nintendo fans.

Rundown the Street (22/02/13)

RTS LogoIt’s time for Rundown the Street! Let’s go over recent news!

PlayStation 4 Announcement Dragged On; Bored Audience to Death

PS4 Announcement

On Wednesday, Sony held a 2-hour press conference to announce the PlayStation 4. While Sony intentionally withheld the price tag, they confirmed a large amount of social features, and several ways in which they intend to make the most out of their acquisition of Gaikai last year. Some of those include streaming older titles that can’t be run natively, instant demos, and playing a game as it downloads. The controller received a redesign in line with the leaked devkits, but the Start and Select buttons weren’t simply removed, they were moved aside and replaced with the Options and Share buttons, respectively. A motion sensor more along the lines of the Move instead of the one used in the PS3 controllers was also confirmed. Continue reading

Visual Aesthetics and How They Affect My Media Preferences

I had a discussion very, very recently with Josh (the concept artist for Turtles all the Way, if you’ve forgotten), and it was concerning visual styles and design. He was basically having trouble figuring out what art style to use for the game. I’ll keep mum about what I told him to go with, but I figure that it’s a perfect segway into a topic I’d meant to talk about for quite a while now, which applies to me for any piece of visual fiction, but I’ll use games as an example.

I’ve found that I’m able to enjoy just about any piece of fiction that I normally wouldn’t even glance at, solely due to the aesthetics of the world it takes place in. For example, I can instantly enjoy anything with a beautiful, natural landscape more than anything with a dark, more realistic style. I also enjoy seeing nice and bright futuristic settings much more than the standard game representations of volcanoes. Discussion after the jump.

A Recap of Today’s Nintendo Direct

Wii U LogoNintendo ran a Nintendo Direct presentation from 9-10 AM today, which focused exclusively on the Wii U and featured several major announcements for the system. It seems that Nintendo has every intention of tackling some of the major complaints about the system, such as the lack of a system-selling title, slow loading times in the system menus despite having more than enough power, etc.

Here’s just a quick summary of what they announced today. All I have to say is ‘Wow.’