Did Not Finish: Luminous Arc 2

DNF LogoHah! You probably though I wasn’t going to get around to this, did you? Well, I had to delay my intended first “feature” for this column, but I’ve replaced it with another one. After a 3.5-month wait, I welcome you to Did Not Finish, a column in which I talk about any piece of media I cannot being myself to finish viewing/reading/playing, and explain what exactly killed it for me. Continue reading


Screw You, Ubisoft

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two days, I want to inform you about something:

Rayman Legends Wii U CoverUbisoft has delayed Rayman Legends, a Wii U exclusive, in order to port it to other platforms. The game was supposed to be out at launch and was already delayed until less than two weeks from now before we got the news that it would be coming out in September. What is worse is that the developers were in full crunch time mode, working the (sadly) standard, extreme overtime hours to get the game out on time before being made aware of this a week ago, when the game had gone gold. Rant after the jump.

The Western Anime Market: Third-Class Citizens

The Western anime and manga fanbases are third-class citizens (second-class being the rest of East Asia). Anyone could tell you that in a heartbeat. We get placed on the back-burner through cut down content, long delays for physical copies of anything, and get outright ignored in terms of what’s popular.

But a few recent moves in the industry seem to point towards them caring a bit more about the Western market. Honestly, I was just plain surprised to see them. And you can learn all about them after the jump.

Welcome to the Dark Side: Gaming After Designing Games

This post was spurred on by a recent thread on the Unity forums about how everyone’s perspective on games seem to change after you learn how to create games, since you now know the tricks they’re using and the magic is gone. Unless a game is truly exceptional, immersion is really difficult to achieve after you know what the tricks are. And, as some people in the thread said, some high-profile use quite lazy techniques.

I’m inclined to agree. In a sense, I’m subconsciously more critical of the games I play nowadays, since I can see each individual part of the game for what it is, and can think of simple ways that developers could have improved something they screwed up at, things that I used to just shrug and let go. I even deliberately play games I wouldn’t go anywhere near, including games that are infamously bad, in order to learn what not to do. Of course, not being an idiot, I tend to wait for these games to be 75% off on Steam, or for them to be part of a bundle that includes stuff I’m actually interested in. Continue reading

Not-So-Happy Birthday

On October 9th, 1993, at approximately 5:30 AM in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a certain hospital performed their first birth of the day. Thereby, a month overdue (due to my own stubbornness, apparently), I was born.

Some see their birthdays as cause for celebration, especially when it’s the birthday after which you can now legally drink and go to strip clubs (I honestly don’t care about either), I see this as being another year closer to my death, which scares the hell out of me. Continue reading

Wii U Launch and Bayonetta 2

We have full information about the worldwide Wii U launch. Earlier today, Nintendo made several good announcements to push their new system, including their two different versions, one of which comes with a whole slew of extra stuff for $50 more (who wouldn’t go for that?). A $300/$350 launch is completely fair for the Wii U, especially since the Xbox 360 with Kinect cost $300 until just after the announcement.

It even seems to have a fairly decent launch library, yet people are still disappointed, mainly because it’s a Nintendo system in the first place – they’ve already decided that the system was bad and wouldn’t have anything of note on it. Continue reading