Schedule Expansion and Alterations, Effective March

This blog has been quiet. Too quiet. When I started this blog, the original intention was for it to be daily. That didn’t work out, of course. That said, I still wanted to post with some amount of regularity. Still, my morale has fallen somewhat due to the stats that show just who views my blog, with the amount averaging at ~40 per day, including people who get here through Google image searches (thus why the image-heavy Under Your Radar: The World God Only Knows has the highest hit count of all individual posts, by far). My amount of blog followers has plateaued in the ballpark of 65 people at any given time, counting spam accounts on Twitter and not counting the undocumented group of people following through direct links or RSS feeds (I can guarantee those sorts of people read this blog, through inbound data and people outright telling me).

While it hasn’t even been 11 months yet, I’m posting only around 10 posts per month, too, which feels way too low for my tastes. Most other blogs I look at tend to post somewhere between 15-25 on an average month, and I tend to have a lot of things to say and just plain never get around to expressing them outside of maybe a few tweets. Yet my time is limited, and most blog posts take over an hour for me to properly format to meet my standards (and, even then, I still slip up often by forgetting pictures or just plain missing grammatical mistakes or major omissions).

So here’s my solution.