Under Your Radar: When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

OVERLAPPERS by Qverkett:|| (voice actors of the literature club girls)

Reality has somehow become a super version of our everyday life…

The mysterious fortune broke into a run,
And I told you not to laugh – something just came over me
I wonder why I feel like I’m about to change, but can’t
Awakening power…
Unawakened feelings…
…Don’t go wild on me now!

Really, everyone might actually like it,
So over the top and cool: I wanna be like that! I wanna be like that!
Hearts that can fully transform are so wonderful! (What boys and girls dream about!?)

Reality has somehow become a super version of our everyday life in overlap!
Just wait for it… and, before we realise,
Even that’s fun in its own right! (OVERLAPPERS)
Surrounded by this exciting secret,
I’ve started desiring your touch… what should I do!?
I want to be the one to give you kind words,
Though it’s probably too late for that… Ahh, there’s probably no chance…
I love you…

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Supernatural Battles Promo ImageIt’s time for Under Your Radar! This time, we’re covering When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace, known in Japan as Inō-Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de, which is also officially translated as Inou Battle Within Everyday Life and Inou-Battle in the Usually Daze. It’s on ongoing light novel series by Kota Nozomi, and it has a manga adaptation, but I’ll be focusing on the Fall 2014 anime here. Continue reading


Under Your Radar: Oreshura (Revisited)

Ah, Under Your Radar. The most consistent column on this entire blog, and it’s been two whole years since it started. So what better way to celebrate than to revisit the work that started it all?

(Sorry for the Spanish subs, but the only clean one I could find was this one, which I can’t embed on a free WordPress blog.)

Girlish Lover by Chinatsu Akasaki (voice of Chiwa), Yukari Tamura (voice of Masuzu), Hisako Kanemoto (voice of Himeka) and Ai Kayano (voice of Ai) Continue reading

Rundown the Street 2

More stuff has happened in the world, so I need another one of these to not have huge numbers of posts flooding in at once. So here we go…

Last night, the third Neptunia game was confirmed for Western release in the coming Spring under the title Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. NIS America will be handling it, as usual. The iPhone app, featuring Neptune and Noire, will also be getting a release. No word on whether or not this includes the Android version of said app. If you’re not familiar with the series, it was covered in my most recent Under Your Radar. Continue reading

Rundown the Street

Lots of stuff has been happening lately, but I don’t feel like writing big posts about each thing, so let’s take this all on at once…

The fifth mainline Ace Attorney game was announced recently for 3DS. It will also be receiving a localization, though that part of the news was apparently a leak and not official word. It will take place one year after the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and will feature Phoenix’s return to his role as protagonist, as well as some new girl in yellow, who’s an attorney herself, as Phoenix’s obligatory helper, like Maya, Trucy and Kay from previous titles. Continue reading

Under Your Radar: Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru


Ever seen a series not get the attention it deserves? I’ve seen plenty, so I’ve decided to start the first recurring segment for this blog: Under Your Radar.

So, what work do I consider worthy of kicking this segment off? Well, I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard of it. Continue reading