Greetings. Welcome to my blog, known simply as I Am Only Myself.

This page would normally show a listing of recent posts, but I’ve moved that since my list of recent posts is usually non-indicative. You can still find that here, however. If you’re looking for specific content, keep reading.

Blog Columns

Click here to see a list of columns run on this blog. Within you will find anime/manga/game reviews, and anything else I find worth writing about.

Any column I have running does not update by any set schedule, but rather whenever I have the time to pump out a post. As such, if you enjoy reading the infrequent columns, I recommend you either follow the blog with the button on the sidebar, follow me on Twitter, or add the RSS feed to your RSS feed reader of choice.

Indie Game Projects

I’m also doing work on indie games, though I have yet to complete a commercial game and I do not discuss them as much as I should. You can navigate to pages about them via the bar at the top of this page. If you’re lazy, click here to read about my shmup project, The Turtle Who Had Wings, and click here to read about my RPG project, Love♥Rank.